Nita Trueshot

A quick and silent huntress.


Nita is unique to say the least, a half-bred Phelan, and a hermaphrodite. Abandoned at a young age, presumably due to hir unique nature, Shi was adopted by the Khan head of the Suntay village, where shi was raised. When shi became of age, shi was given the task of harvesting meat and fur from the local wildlife to supplement the village stores and as valuable items for the traders that come and go.

Shi is a tall creature, with lithe muscles and a long, fluffy tail. Hir fur is deep grey, streaked through with black stripes, occasionally further accented with war paint to help hir blend into the surrounding forest. For the most part shi appears Phelan, with a long muzzle and digitigrade legs ending in paws. Hir clothing primarily consists of a light leather vest, breeches, and boots, to allow hir swift and silent movement through the forest. On hir left hip sits a pouch containing shot and spare flints, as well as a few odds and ends, and on hir right, sits a powder horn. Strapped across hir back sits a flintlock rifle, a gift from hir mother to assist in hir hunting. After years of hard-earned practice, shi is confidant in hir abilities to bring down hir quarry from any range. An accident in hir youth, involving a different musket, has left hir partially blind, hir right eye being covered by an eyepatch, hiding much of the damage from the world. Shi has since made up for hir poor vision by relying heavily on hir left eye, which has caused hir to bump into things with almost alarming regularity, as shi continues to attempt to hone hir senses of smell, hearing, and touch to make up for it.

On a more personal level, shi is a calm and reserved creature, seldom speaking, while trying to listen more. Slow to anger, but rather difficult to calm down when enraged, shi spends most of hir free time by hirself, or with hir mother. Shi has become extremely selective of the people shi associates with, without giving much reason why. While shi was raised in an environment that frowned upon racism, shi has grown to dislike [draconic people, if they exist in this world], simply stating that ‘everyone [shi’s] met are assholes."

With the rather sudden appearance of raiding parties, and Suntay’s lack of any real militia, shi and other hunters have been pressed into service to protect the little village. As the Village Elder’s daughter, shi has been tasked to go out and discover the cause of the sudden raids.

Nita Trueshot

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