To understand where we are, means to understand where we began. The importance lies to remember the actions of those who came before us, so that we might learn of it and prevent future generations from forgetting why the world became the way it is.
Before the Great Kingdoms, long before the Treaty of Sovereignty, there was nothing but war and bloodshed. Each of the realms entrenched in endless conflict born of arrogance and pride. Each day cost thousands of lives in the name of rulers whom time has forgotten. All but one.

Drerek the Grasping Claw, lord of the Kyphur, in his pride challenged the gods themselves and the spires of his peoples home reached far into the heavens, his own palace piercing the stars. The power of the stars was in the Kyphurs hands and the other people were forced to unite under the Treaty of Sovereignty. Charged with upholding the treaty were the Order of Luxor, a group of heroes from all the realms challenging the enemies of the treaty. The heroes managed to attack Drereks palace and hounded him into the chamber atop his spire. The legends tell, that the heroes freed the stars from the Kyphur-lords control, dragging him into the void between them, where he now suffers for eternity.

On the graves of the fallen, the first Great Kingdoms have been built. But even forgetting the graves and covering them in great cities did not make arrogance and pride take their leave.
The various races seeked distance from each other, to cool the flames of conflict once and for all.
The brave Phelan settled the cold north, mastering the harsh climate by building great cities into the mountain walls. They are now holding the most formidable army of the Great Kingdoms
The fierce Khan made the southern jungles their home and even though they have not indulged in architecture as much as the Phelan, they keep tight control of their lands. They keep the wild jungles in check, beating creatures back the other kingdoms will never see.
The western woods are home to the Strigoi, who consider themselves the most civilized race. Their cities merging stone and wood, they favor knowledge and finely made goods above all else.
Beyond the mountains in the eastern desert, live the Renard, where everything can be had for a price, and food and drink are easy to come by.
There are many smaller Kingdoms and races, but these are the Great Ones. Some lesser races integrated into the Great Kingdoms, like the Mahon who joined the Phelan in their mountains and tundra woods.

After years of building and living together in peace, it finally looks like peace takes root. There is hope for understanding and prosperity for all the Great Kingdoms. Yet, the people of the Kingdoms have forgotten, that all it takes to shatter peace is a single life, a single breath, a single thought.


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