Major races: Phelan, Khan, Renard

Suntay is a small hunting community, connected by small roads to a few major trading routes. Some travelers use it as a shortcut but have to cross more dangerous terrain than they would have on the main roads. Thanks to this, they are very welcoming to travelers from everywhere. Racism is bad for business.

The main export of the village is furs and leather, in good summers, there’s crop to be sold as well.

The village is led by an elder council consisting of one Khan, two Phelan and a Renard.

Due to the Village’s small size, there is no real militia available for protection, instead they rely on the local hunters as marksmen and archers to drive away any troubles.

Recently, the villages surrounding hamlets have come under attack by raiders, with no hint as to where they come from. It is presumed that Wild Men are responsible for the attacks.


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